What Others Are Saying

By the mouth of two or more witnesses…

Rev. Steven Mills
Global 12 Project, West Africa

"Vision has helped us to train church planters to penetrate the unreached people groups of this part of the world. In 2003, with the help of Vision, 482 trained men and women started new churches, penetrating 28 unreached people groups for the first time. One of the greatest needs in Africa today is for trained national leadership, and I believe that Vision is one of the primary tools God is using to see this need fulfilled."

Dr. C. Peter Wagner
Apostolic Council for Educational
Accountability (ACEA)

"Vision is not only a charter member of ACEA, but it is highly regarded by all of the other educators as a forerunner in the whole area of apostolic education. I commend Dr. Stan DeKoven and his whole leadership team for their living example of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry."

Rev. Charles Simpson
Charles Simpson Ministries

"I have been privileged to speak at a conference for Vision International University and to work with Dr. Stan DeKoven. I have seen firsthand the classes and have heard several of the teachers as I sat in on their classes. One of the most impressive aspects of this school is its diversity of constituents, and the expanse of its outreach. In addition, I have been impressed with their ability to work through the Internet to reach people all over the world. Dr. DeKoven has been in the forefront of understanding that we must bring education and training to the students, rather than just bringing the students to a school. I am also impressed with the biblical convictions and approaches that VIU takes toward the student. I believe that they go beyond passing on information to produce formation in the lives of those who are taught. I wholeheartedly recommend VIU as both academic and accessible."

Dr. Anthony Spero
Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministry

"Vision has been a blessing to me personally to earn my degrees and also it was a tremendous blessing to the ministries I oversee in the United States and Africa. We were able to start [a Vision program] in a church I used to pastor, and in Nigeria, Cameroon, and in Ghana. It has helped people all over the world to gain better knowledge of the Word of God so they can fulfill the call of God on their life."

Dr. Alan Langstaff
Kairos Ministries, Australia

"Vision opened up a door for my continuing education and I benefited greatly. I strongly commend the program to other ministers and leaders who want to learn and grow; it will help you to do just that, to better equip you for service to help you reach your goals in life."