40th Anniversary Celebration 2014

In August of 1974 in Launceston Tasmania Rev Ken Chant began the first lesson in what was to become one of the most significant bible colleges the world has seen.

The motto “The Whole World to the Whole World”, a typically bold and extravagant "Pentecostal statement" proved to be prophetic as over the next 40 years the ministry birthed in a seemingly insignificant place by an unassuming yet enthusiastic young man has grown to embrace over 150 countries around the world.

On the 30th of August we celebrated 40 years of Vision Colleges was a great success with 94 people in attendance for the dinner to celebrate the life and ministry of Ken and Alison Chant. Ken and Alison were presented with a plaque by the Australian board for his work.

It was a special honour that Dr Stan DeKoven; Ken’s good friend and fellow founder of Vision in the United States joined with us and presented Ken with the first 5 books from the Ken Chant library.  It is the intention of Vision International University to have all of Ken’s books bound into “Collector’s Edition Books”.  Vision Australia has joined with this effort in sharing the costs. 

Stan is an excellent author and minister of the word of God a man who has been responsible for much of the growth of Vision he us the entrepreneur who took the vision of Vision to the world attracting men and women to him who would present vision to the churches of their nations developing and international network 

Ken’s good friend and fellow labourer over the years and fellow founder of the Vision in the United States is an excellent author and minister of the word of God a man who has been responsible for much of the growth of Vision, Stan has been the entrepreneur who took the vision of Vision to the world attracting men and women to him who would present vision to the churches of their nations developing and international network

We were also honoured to have Rev. Barry and Vennessa Chant – Barry, Ken’s brother  was the founder and president of Tabor Colleges and is now on our board of directors,  Pastor Kevork for Lebanon and Tim and Karen Hammon from Florida, USA,  Kay and Chris Ryan, the Vision Representatives in New Zealand joined us, others came from as far away as, Broken Hill, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Parkes, Tasmania and around NSW.

A short video was presented to Ken and Alison by the President of the CRC Ps Bill Vasilikas Ken was also honoured in a video by Phil Pringle the President and founder of the C3 Churches honour Ken for his work.

Ken and Alison honoured several who have had a significant impact on the ministry with a crystal plaque: Mary Shadbolt typed all of Ken’s notes into a word processor giving us our books, Bishop Harry and Doreen Westcott ran Vision while Ken was in the USA, Ps. Rob Thornton who supported Ken on his return and gave him access to a printer so they could print the college material. Also honoured International President Dr Stan DeKoven; Visions World Zone Leaders Dr. Gail Stathis and Dr. Brian Van De Venter, Dr. Steve Mills, and Dr. John Delgado.  There are so many others who have worked so effectively around the world to see our commission come to pass: The Whole Word To The Whole World.  We sent a certificate of appreciation to many others who have helped Vision over the years and if we missed you we do indeed apologise.

To see the Photo Gallary of the celebration see this link  Photos Vision 40th Celebration

Rev Denis PlantOur Australian team was also honoured by Dr’s. Ken and Alison Chant and Dr. Stan DeKoven as plaques were presented to Ps Denis, Steve and Trish by Ken and Alison and from Dr Stan.

The task of getting the Whole World To The Whole World is a huge team effort and we must all play our part for it cannot and does not rest with one man alone, but if that one man, to whom the vision is given is not faithful then there will be no team, no work and no fruit.

For Ken this is a big year as he celebrates 40 years of Vision Colleges,  60 years as a serving minister of the Gospel within the CRC movement, he has 60 years of marriage and Ken has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his ministry, a unique award as normally when a minister is nominated for such an award it is for his charitable work not his work as a minister of the Gospel.

Men and women that now number in the hundreds of thousands – probably over a million have been taught and graduated from a Vision College around in the globe as individual distance education students, the many students in our church based bible colleges and those in our Vision seminaries around the world and in the many other bible colleges that use Ken Chant’s Vision material.

From the dedicated commitment of this man’s work, lives have been enhanced, ministries released, denominations have been birthed or enriched. Mission fields have opened and strengthened, pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles, elders, ministry workers of all kinds and manner have been touched reached, empowered and released to take back the territory of the kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of Christ.

There are other authors and leaders who throughout last 30 years have been a vital part of the growth and development of the Vision network at both formal and informal levels.

Men such as Steve Mills our African Director a dedicated man of God who has taken Vision to so many of the African nations,  Rev. Dr. Denis Plant who pioneered the Internet Bible College and brought the college to an accredited status in Australia and has made the accredited work available world wide, and so many others.  Many of these will be joining us also on this day to celebrate the life and ministry of Dr Ken and Alison Chant. Dr John Delgado our Hispanic director and so many others who over the years have made an outstanding contribution to this work, yet without the foundation work and the ongoing writings of Dr Ken, Vision would doubtless be a shadow of what it is if indeed it would exist at all.