August Missions Update

Internet Bible College - Sunday, August 28, 2016

The colleges have a new opportunity to establish a college in Pakistan. Please pray for this opportunity, and for these doors to open to us. Although it is a Muslim country, Christians have been rising up in their faith. The number of Christians is increasing, and the church in Pakistan is growing. As in many Muslim countries, the growth is not spread evenly and much depends on the locality, the attitude of the local imams and authorities, and indeed the attitude of the Christians themselves. There is much I do not know about this nation, but I will be going there, God willing, in January. Please pray for this trip, for the saints in Pakistan, and for the nation. 

In October I expect to be going to the Philippines for a short trip. I will be in Pagadian, and then I hope to go to Iloilo to see the new college there. They are implementing a new idea, by using tablet computers for personal study, instead of using books, which reduces costs significantly. We will send the material to them by email in PDF format, and the student body will use tablets or laptops to study from. WOW we are lurching into the 21st Century, led by the Philippines! 

In Kenya we have two new colleges working with us through the Beautiful Feet Task Force and one of them may well go national. A college has started in Belieze central America, we thank God for these mission opportunities.