New Resource Centres

Internet Bible College - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Solomons Porch we have started a Resource Centre called Solomons Porch in the town of Nathen. Solomons Porch is run by Merve Payne and he is working with a mixed variety of students from a wide range of backgrounds and doing a great work bringing graduate students of ISOM into Vision.

Calvary Family Church at Loganholme has several students. Calvary Family Life has had a long relationship with Vision Colleges. We welcome their students and look forward to working with them.



During this last couple of months, we have been busy opening some new Resource Centres around the Globe.


The Bishop Gerishon K Njoroge of the Wings of Life ministry in Nairobi has started a Resource Centre with us. We look forward to a good and long relationship with them. They started with six students but are looking at doubling the size of their college. As an aside, Mary Shadbolt was a missionary in Kenya, upon her return to Australia, she worked for several years with Dr. Ken and Alison in the formative years of Vision. At this time, Mary is in frail health in a nursing home it is good for her to know that Vision Australia is currently in Kenya, and she would appreciate your prayers.


In Malawi, we have just started a college under the name of "Marks Ministries International" they are located in Kasungu Malawi Central Africa. It is a very poor and isolated country about to be richer in the word of God. We welcome them and Weston Kapasula, who is looking after the ministry in Malawi. It is remarkable to me that we continue to reach into some of these nations.

Non Missions

Not all overseas colleges are mission colleges and I am delighted to report that we have our first actual startup in the UK as a full fee paying college. Ken and I are delighted, especially for me as I was born in the Nottingham, UK. There are three other churches getting ready to start


In Glasgow, we welcome "Arise and Walk Vocational Ministries." They have started a Resource Centre and just completed a taster subject. They are about to start their first formal subject with us. Rev. Nancy Mungai runs the college and this is a very busy ministry.