Missions Update February 2011

Internet Bible College - Monday, January 31, 2011

Nepal: On November 23rd 2010 I began a most wonderful and fruitful time in Nepal. I was met by my host for the 10 days that I was there and enjoyed delightful hospitality and productive ministry options. During that time I had the privilege of ministering formally in 4 churches, met with dozens of pastors and leaders, and as a result we have established Vision Colleges in 4 different locations in that land. The work of Vision is very welcome, and not only in Kathmandu but in many of the rural and outlying areas also. A college was established Chericot, a town near the Chinese border on the way to Mt Everest; at Barnipur in Kathmandu Valley; in Kathmandu, Aradhana Church, with my host Rev. Hanok Tamang; and at Paton Koinonia Church, with Dr. Mangal Mahajoran. I met with pastors and leaders from the Himalaya Bible Study Foundation, the Maranatha Mission College, the Koinonio Patan Church, and the Nepal Bible Society, all of whom are interested in merging the Vision curriculum with that of their own schools.  Read More

Missions Update November 2010

Internet Bible College - Tuesday, November 02, 2010

There is a constant struggle with a certain perception in the developing nations that I go to. The struggle lies around the issue of money and the perception that we from the west have an abundant supply. This perception has been created by often well-meaning attempts to send seemingly endless amounts of money at the problem, in this case the mission field, to underwrite bible colleges and support the mission cause without careful consideration of the work of that ministry or the consequences of what seems to be an endless supply of cash. So often a mindset is established that the west is the great provider, not God himself. In truth endless supplies of unlimited cash are not effective in bringing people to a knowledge of Jesus and a dependency on Him. Read More