Internet Bible College - Thursday, December 11, 2014

The year I turned seven years of age I discovered that Father Christmas was my Mum and Dad, so I determined to stay awake until my presents were placed by my bed. When they tiptoed in I thought I heard them mention a pink coat. I was so excited as my sister and I had no new clothes but only handed down dresses from a cousin. My sister wore them first and then when it came to my turn the clothes were third hand and somewhat worn. To have something new was wonderful, and of course for it to be pink and not some dull serviceable colour was an added bonus.  Read More

The Pillars Of Solomon

Internet Bible College - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Reading 2 Chronicles 3: 17 in the Message Bible I was struck by the names of the two pillars that Solomon erected in the front of the temple he built for the glory of God. One to the South and the other to the North. The one to the south he named Jakin and the one to the north he named Boaz.  Read More

A Moment With Alison - Good News

Internet Bible College - Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here is a wonderful quote from the book In Search Of England – by H. V. Morton. It is found on page 221. It gives us a glimpse of the wonderful men who took the gospel to England long ago. “Men have done deeds in the name of God which would have made Christ weep, but the story of the conversion of England to Christianity, with which Durham is so marvellously linked, is, I believe, one of the loveliest stories since the NT.  Read More