The Annointing Oil

Internet Bible College - Monday, January 31, 2011

The ingredients of the anointing oil found in Exodus 30:22-26 show us some fascinating biblical types. God always has a reason for his instructions, and I have found it an absorbing task to search out possible reasons behind the ingredients he instructed the Israelites to use for the anointing oil. In the Old Testament this special mixture was used to anoint the High Priest and his sons, the altar and those things that were to be set apart for use in the Tabernacle. The Lord said to Moses, “Take the finest spices – 12 pounds of liquid myrrh, 6 pounds of sweet smelling cinnamon, 6 pounds of sweet smelling cane, and 12 pounds of cassia (all weighed according to the official standard). Add one gallon of olive oil and make a sacred anointing oil, mixed like perfume" (Exodus 30:22-25). Read More

A Moment With Alison "Thoughts on the Passover"

Internet Bible College - Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In the celebration of the Passover there were some very interesting types present in the feast. A bowl of salt water for the tears that were shed by the Israelites, and bitter herbs for the slavery they endured. A paste they called “charoseth” consisting of apples, dates, pomegranates and nuts indicated the bricks made in Egypt, and sticks of cinnamon indicated the straw. Read More