Newsletter January 2016

Internet Bible College - Thursday, January 07, 2016

Welcome to our New Year Edition. We have all heartily embraced another new year, 2016 and while I pray that you will experience the richest of God’s blessings, in all you do, everywhere you go, and with all you meet. I am also wise and old enough to know that this new year will be tinged with sadness and sorrow for some. There will be heartache and disappointment. We will experience victories and meet new challenges. Dreams for some will be met and for others, there will be disappointment.  Read More

Newsletter October 2015

Internet Bible College - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Welcome to our October Edition. Since our last newsletter, we have opened four new Resource Centres; three of them overseas and one here in Australia. With Vision International College, we have enrolled 30 accredited students, with Vision Christian College, we have enrolled 16 recognized students through the Internet Bible College, we have enrolled two undergraduate students and 2 degree students. Together this means that during the previous two months, Vision has received a total of 50 new students. One of the great pleasures for us is the number of returning students, by that I mean that students graduated some years ago sometimes as much as 30 years, and contact us to continue in their studies Read More

The Visionary Newsletter July/August 2015

Internet Bible College - Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome to our July/August Newsletter for 2015. The colleges have been so busy since the last newsletter, Rosalind and I were in the UK and as a result we hope to start five resource Centres there, 2 in Glasgow, 2 in London and one just outside Oxford. Our time in the UK was well spent with some much needed rest for both of us but three weeks was definitely not long enough. Read More