Vision Seminar on Same Sex Marriage - Saturday 22 Aug 2015

Internet Bible College - Thursday, July 16, 2015

What does the Bible say?
On Saturday 22nd of August we will be presenting a seminar on this rather hot topic. Already I have posted some details on Facebook.Never before has the Christian concept of a family suffered the kind of savage and relentless attacks that assault it today. Yet there is no lovelier scene than a home knit together in the fellowship and friendship of Christ. As Rabbi Sirach wrote long ago,

“Three things are pleasant to see, for they delight the eyes of God and of everyone who looks: children playing happily together; friendship among neighbours; and a husband and wife who love each other.” (25:1)

This seminar will explore the attack on the Christian idea of marriage that is currently occurring in Australia, and especially the demand being made by the gay community for the right to equality in marriage.

We will endeavour to present our message positively, without acrimony or insult, and show how the gay arguments, good as they may be, do not fit Scripture.

We urge you to attend this seminar knowing that you will be richly blessed, and your understanding of just what the Bible does teach about homosexuality will be strengthened.

We are delighted that Ken Chant, Barry Chant (yes the Chant brothers on stage together) along with Vanessa Chant and Denis Plant will be ministering the issues.